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Welcome to BuckWorx.... BuckWorx was "conceived from constant curiosity", in other words, I have many hobbies and my interests shift quickly due to boredom or a lack of new learning. From home-brewing, bee keeping, gardening, wood working, guitar, fishing, hiking, shooting and occasional racing; I found I needed a place to document the various activities that engage my mind and bring me joy.

Just like the seasons of Boise Idaho, I find that my hobbies vary with the time of year. Winter is generally my woodworking, cooking and guitar season, spring is gardening and beekeeping, summer brings most of the outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, shooting and travel... Fall brings canning, apple cider, honey collection and some of the best camping of the season. Inevitably, snow falls again, and my winter hobbies return.

My promise to you is that I will always have a variety of subjects and projects that will inspire and document the process that I go through as I continue my quest to explore, experiment and learn all of the great hobbies that exist in our fascinating world.

Just so you know a bit about me, I am a father of two wonder young teenage ladies (Julia and Clara) and they are often my sounding board for new ideas and projects. Both are incredibly gifted academically, artistically and athletically.... I love them dearly and I fear the day that they leave for college and start their own lives. Still, you will see them from time to time engaged with their father's "hair-brain" projects.

My day job, I am a field sales manager for a hi-tech company... I love having access to all the latest and greatest technology out there. I am an engineer by trade, but I enjoy engaging with my customer in the sales cycle and I love coming up with unique solutions to their various business issues.

So welcome to BuckWorx, please subscribe and be a part of the journey of creative discovery and learn with me as I explore the many fascinating hobbies that we as humans can enjoy.

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